I recently took a trip to Tulum (2022) to see a project I have been ooooing and aaaaing for a while called Azulik Uh May. It was founded by Eduardo 'Roth' Neira, a self-taught Mexican-based architect known for following the "geometry of nature" . He designs guided by biomimicry with no shortcuts or fear of curves and uneven surfaces. His projects are organic, fluid and endless. 

The construction process holds more importance than drafting work which places huge power in the tactility and details discussed closely with the builders. I love this, it celebrates shared knowledge and problem solving. 

It being located in Tulum, Mexico, means the labour force is very experienced in concrete - making the ability to bend, curve and use concrete like play dough. There is lots to be learnt from his methods for all future space-making humanity does. 

Key locations: 
Azulik Uh May, San Francisco, Mexico   |   KINTOH resturaunt, Azulik Tulum   |   Cenote Calavera   |   Mayan Monkey Hostels (Party hostel)   |   Tulum Beach street 
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