One of my new obsessions is freediving. There is something so serene in pushing your body into the depth of the ocean and imagining what a different world we would have if we could breathe underwater. To feel the water glide on your skin and the elegance in each fin kick - nothing so far has excited me more than freediving. 

I am only training towards an open water certification with Molchanvos freediving. I simply want to be comfortable in exploring - depth is not the goal. I want to be conscious of my breath, conscious of my mind and float around with the fishes. 

Alongside this new found love is water photography. I am currently using the GoPro Hero 8 - already extinct in GoPro standards -  which has given me such a thrill in learning when to capture, how close to get, how to edit (still learning and always will) so on and so forth. The underwater life is really pushing me to up my photography even above water, which I am grateful for. 

Cheers to how this grows! 
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