Founded in 2017, Roth Architecture garnered considerable attention with the unveiling of Azulik. This multidisciplinary studio seamlessly integrates architecture, art, gastronomy, and fashion, encompassing various sub-themes like hospitality and craftsmanship, notably focusing on clay.

A noteworthy aspect deserving acclaim is the studio's unique design process. Commencing with conceptual sketches, they subsequently shift their focus entirely to concept models and the meticulous detailing of material connections. Demonstrating confidence in the efficacy of these material connections, independent of fully finalized drawings, they embark on the construction phase. What sets them apart is their improvisational approach during construction, an intriguing facet that distinguishes the architectural role within this studio. Here, it is not confined to a digital screen; rather, it is celebrated in the hands-on manufacturing of the concept. This celebration of the design process extends the architect's role beyond screen-based activities, incorporating elements of a structural engineer, quantity surveyor, and project manager into the creative journey.

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